viernes, 13 de julio de 2007

Going down in a Blaze of Glory

I'm feeling damn old these days, and after last night concert I'm feeling old and depressed.

Last night I was to a concert of one of the spanish mythical 80's music groups: "Nacha Pop". After 19 years they have joined again and they are touring. This group has one of the best spanish composers of pop music, imho, Antonio Vega. This artist has passed for a degrading process last three / four years becoming a pale shadow of a man. He still possess something of that spark that brings up something of the glory that was, but sometimes he looks like he is strong enough just to be standing. It was a very good concert, but in the end, I just get this bad taste just watching this poor man whose songs have made me think so much.

Tonight I still have this bad taste in my mouth, and to make it worst, I just have seen some images reminding me of Enrique Urquijo, another spanish artist of the same period that died some years ago in a very regrettable circunstances. Yes, it is true, I should also mentioned the owner of the Wall who gives name to this blog, but it is someone we all have very present all the time (or at least all the years, by christmas time, with the traditional "Greatest Hits" CD).

All this reminds me of this expression that says something as live fast, die quickly and leave a beautiful corpse. There are a lot of interesting people who have lived fast and died quickly, how would all have changed if they would have lived just a little more.

I'm feeling damn old these days...

"I'm too old for this shit!" - Danny Glover in "Lethal Weapon".
"I'm much too young to feel this damn old" - Garth Brooks.

Good night, 'net... wherever you may be.