martes, 5 de junio de 2007

Comic-books take Hollywood: Second step

"First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin", song Leonard Cohen.

An invasion in two steps. And this same invasion has been carried out by the comic-book world at Hollywood. Yes, it was common knowledge that Hollywood was without any new ideas for a long long time. Till someone was able to look at a comic-book and to realize that there was a lot of ideas inside, that were there for a long time ago and that FX were not any problem anymore. So, there were the first step of this invasion, and there came "Spiderman", "Fantastic Four", "Hellboy", "Constantine", "Sin City", and a lot more, and it is not going to stop.

Now, the second step has arrived: the comic-book creators want to control the movies. There was some initial attempts with "Sin City", with all the noise caused by Robert Rodriguez offering to Frank Miller the co-direction of this movie, or some out of the mainstream films such as "Mirrormask" made by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. These attempts get more strength now with some high-budget productions directed by preciseley these two big names of the comic-book world: "The Spirit", based on the iconic character of Will Eisner, directed by Frank Miller (who is going to make also the script); and "Death: The high cost of living", directed by Neil Gaiman and based on an spin-off limited series of his most famous work, "The Sandman". The main character of this limited series is "Death", and the main plot is not very original, it has been dealt in other works (even films): once every century, death takes a day off to better know humans.

But I digress, what I would want to underline is that comic-books creators are beginning to take over Hollywood. I wish it just go on (I cross my fingers and pray for an impossible: "Batman: The Dark Knight Return").

Good night, 'net... wherever you may be.

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