lunes, 27 de agosto de 2007

Is there anybody alive out there?

More than a question, it seems a desperate cry for help. It sometimes looks like the way I have been feeling lately. It is a feeling of sadness, loneliness, melancholy, ... but it is also part of the lyrics of the new single of the new album of Bruce Springsteen with the E-Street Band that has been just aired. The song is called "Radio Nowhere", the lyrics are more repetitive than usual in an Springsteen song, but I can get rid of this question. I think it is a good song, and I am not surprised.

The new disc will arrive in october, and after that the new tour. There are rumours about that it would be the last tour of the current formation of the E-Street Band due to some health problems of some members. God, I'm feeling too old these days.

Good night, 'net... wherever you may be.

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