lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2007

Melancholy all over again

I was making some work, at this time where everything is quiet and the only light you see at the street is from my window, while tv is on, just to have something to listen to. By chance, tv was on Fox channel, and there was this "Cold Case" episode (11 of 3rd season) titled "8 years". The whole music from the episode is 80's Springsteen, and very well-chosen songs with strong connections with the episode, but also having this special feeling, that is always related with Springsteen music, that is, melancholy, nostalgy, ... that feeling. "Bobby Jean" telling you that I miss you; "Stolen Car", feeling so old and alone; "Glory Days", old tales makes you older; "One step up", everything works bad.

Ok, I think it is better to finish work now, ... I'm digressing again...

Good night, 'net... wherever you may be.

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